Welcome to the Durango Gun Club

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Welcome to the Durango Gun Club

Durango, Colorado

This site is offered as a service for the Durango Gun Club and its members. We strive to keep it as up-to-date and accurate as possible, but does not claim to represent endorsement by the club or its officers.


Denise, 247-1387 or djmdgo@yahoo.com
Please reserve a slot at least 2 weeks in advance for Denise’s courses
Week day classes available for limited groups. Call or e-mail for details
djmdgo@yahoo.com or call Denise at 247-1387
Tim Gwynn, Wolverine School of Personal Safety, 970-749-3296
Tim Gwynn


At the outdoor range, please be especially careful to avoid destroying pistol targets with rifles or slugs, don’t use the range equipment as targets, and clean up your brass after you shoot!
Only lead bullets, at less than 1000 feet per second are permitted in the indoor range! Jacketed and high velocity bullets destroy the backstops and damage the deflector plate.

We frequently get requests for information concerning gunsmiths, members with FFL licenses, firearms appraisers, sources for special items, etc.

If you are or know of anyone in the Four Corners area, who would like to advertise their skills or business to members, please let us know. You can also arrange to have ads placed on the club website.

All members must have their membership card visibly displayed when using the ranges. There are plastic card holders available, but the point is to show your card.