Sight-in days

2014 Sight-in Days

Each year, the Durango Gun Club makes its private outdoor range available to hunters for rifle scope sighting. Club member volunteers are available for assistance and to coordinate.
There is no charge for the range usage, however donations are accepted to help to cover materials and other range expenses.

If the above link is used, right click on the map it returns, and choose \’Directions to here\’ as the map is centered above the range. The range itself has a dirt access road with a metal gate at the entrance. 

Please note that this is a private club facility and is kept locked except for Sight-in days and other special events.

October 9 & 10
October 16 & 17
October 30 & 31
The range is planned to be open from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm as conditions permit.


Range and amenities
Most firing to zero the rifles is done at the 100 meter distance, and targets are provided by the gun club. Our range has target stands at 50, 75, & 100 meters (approx 110\r\nyds) with provision for 25 yard rough sight in if necessary. Hoverer, it is not uncommon for people to have no idea whether they are close to zero\r\nor not! 
Club members\r\nare present, with spotting scopes, and assist shooters in getting their\r\nrifles zeroed.

Safety and Rules

In addition to the normal safe firearms handling rules, the range requires that:
  • Guns are to be brought from your vehicle unloaded and uncased, actions open, muzzles up, and placed in the racks provided
  • Guns are not loaded until the shooter is on the firing line
  • Guns are to remain racked until the shooter is called to the firing\r\nline
  • Shooters have a sign in sheet, to record name, address, and number of rifles to be sighted in


BE SURE YOU HAVE THE CORRECT AMMUNITION FOR YOUR RIFLE!  We have occasional shooters who don\’t realize how many different 300 magnums there are, for example, or how many different seven millimeter calibers there are,\r\nand arrive with ammunition which could result in a dangerous situation.